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  • Evaluation: The organizer will invite professionals to evaluate entries.
  • Evaluation criteria: presentation (40%), creativity (35%) and execution (25%).
  • Prizes
    • Top Prize (1): US$300 (NT$9,000)
    • Second Prize (1): US$200 (NT$6,000)
    • Third Prize (1): US$100 (NT$3,000)
    • Special Commendation (2): Souvenir
    • Honorable Mention (3): Souvenir
  • Award statement
    1. In accordance with ROC tax regulations, foreign residents who have been in Taiwan for over 183 days in the year and who win cash or any award will have 10% of the value of any such award deducted as tax. Those who have been in the country less than 183 days will be taxed at 20%.
    2. In accordance with the ROC Income Tax Act, recipients must provide personal identification information and file taxes if the cash prize exceeds NT$1,000 in the year. The cash prize is counted as personal income.
    3. Non-resident foreign recipients of prizes and awards of any value are subject to a 20% tax.
    4. Cash prizes for foreign nationals living outside Taiwan will be paid in US dollars whereas ROC citizens and foreign nationals living in Taiwan will be paid in New Taiwan dollars. The organizer will use the currency exchange rate current on the day of remittance. Recipients must provide a copy of personal identification information.
    5. RTI will pay the remittance cost for banks within Taiwan. If other charges apply, these are to be borne by the recipient.
    6. Recipients agree to forfeit their right to claim a prize if they refuse to pay the tax or if the information they provide is inaccurate and incomplete.
    7. The organizer is not liable for any delay, sending to an incorrect address, loss of, or damage to the prize money or prizes due to recipients providing inaccurate information.
    8. In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, recipients agree to allow the organizer to collect, process and make use of their personal information for the event only. The information will not be used for other purposes. Recipients also agree to authorize the organizer to publicize their names.